Retirement of Mrs. Ophelia 2016

  “Retirement is not the end but the start of  new and exciting  beginnings and possibilities.” On the 31st of August , the primary section bid farewell to Mrs. Ophelia, who spent 29 years at St.Louis  nurturing the young minds. Just like  a single candle lights a thousand candles, Mrs. Ophelia  has in her teaching career lit up many young minds …


Cultural Fest 2016

We take Pride in celebrating our Golden Jubilee this year on completion of 50 Glorious Years of Excellence in the Field of Education. To make this year wonderful and memorable, one of the major event which was scheduled for the Golden Jubilee Celebration was the CULTURAL FEST. We feel immensely elated to state that THE LOUSIAN CULTURAL FEST 2016 held …


Inter- House Dramatics Competition 2016

“All the world’s a stage. And all men and women merely players. They have their exit and their entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts.” These words of William Shakespeare have been engraved in most of our lives . We all play unconventional and unique roles in the real world. Encouraging young people to believe in themselves …


Class Magazine Competition 2016

Honouring Our Past, Celebrating The Present , Creating Our Future.!!!!! On the occasion of the golden jubilee celebration , the management had a classwise competition in August where each class had to present a class magazine.


The Dental Checkup–STD X—–2016

Taking care of your teeth isn’t just about having a nice smile and pleasant breath. A Dental Checkup was held on the 19th of August in the school for the students of Std 10. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, one can help protect their oral health by visiting a dentist regularly for checkups.  


Picnic to KidZania 2016

KidZania an educational concept – “LEARN WHILE YOU PLAY” A trip was organized to KidZania for the students of std 5th to std 9th on the 16th of August. KidZania is a global indoor park that inspires , educates and empowers kids , helping them understand and manage their world better. Kids are most receptive and conducive to learning while …


Independence Day 2016

‘INDIA AT 70 – Vibrant , Growing and Looking at the Future with Hope and Optimism.’ We celebrated INDIA’S 70th Independence Day and The Feast of the Assumption of Mother Mary on the 15th of August with a feeling of Patriotism and Love for our Motherland. The chief guest ,our primary teacher Mrs. Ophelia Cardoz hoisted our National  flag which was …


Book Exhibition-2016

Good Readers Make Great Leaders–Make your choice of Poets, Writers, Novelties……. Best way to gain knowledge….A Book Exhibition was held on the 9th and 10th of August by OCEAN BOOKS.    


English Elocution Competition 2016

PRIMARY SECTION ‘The will to win , the desire to succeed, the urge to reach full potentials…..these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.’ The English elocution competition of the Primary Section was held on the 8th of August and all the participants put in their best efforts.   Friends lend me your ears!!!!!!!. Expressing myself clearly. …