Staff Picnic 2017

TEACHERS DAY OUT An overnight picnic was organized for the staff on the 17th and 18th of February to KARJAT at the PINEWOOD RESORT.         AT THE WATER PARK KARAOKE NIGHT BREAKFAST TIME


SSC Farewell 2017

SO LONG ! FAREWELL ! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! The SSC Farewell was held on the 6th of February ,2017.It was an incredible day hosted and organized by¬† class IX students and teachers to bid farewell for class X students . The SSC students came in traditional¬†yet modest outfits. All of them had a mixed feeling of joy and sadness …


Investiture Ceremony 2017

“UNEASY IS THE HEAD THAT WEARS THE CROWN. WITH POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.” The school bestows upon it’s students the ability to be future leaders of the world . Keeping up with this thought, the school has always envisioned that Louisians should gain confidence by facing challenges in life. Honour , Resposibility and Pride mark this solemn occasion. The Investiture …