Fancy Dress Competition-KG-2018

A Fancy Dress Competition was held for the KG section on the 28th of august.The theme for the Jr.KG was’ Fast Food ‘ and for the Sr.KG the theme was ‘Daily using articles’. Many students participated in the competition and 3 winners were selected from each section.Certificates were given to the winners and chocolates were distributed to all the participants.

Patriotic Song Competition – Primary -2018

“True Patriotism is simple , dignified and comes with responsibilities and duties.” On the occasion of India’s 72nd Independence Day celebrations, a patriotic song competition was held in the primary section on the 27th of august. The four houses were very excited and eager to perform as they had put in a lot of effort while practicing. The performance of …


English Elocution Competition -Kg , Primary and Secondary-2018

An English Elocution Competition was held on the 24th 0f august for the Primary and Secondary sections.The topic for the primary section was -‘The Maxims of Mother Veronica ie HUMILITY, OBEDIENCE and POLITENESS. The children enthusiastically participated trying their best to be the Best. The 3 maxims were truly brought out very well by the participants by relating them to …


Independence Day -2018

“The Truth shall set you free.” A Giant among nations , India at 72, Free ,Vibrant , Growing and ready to take it’s place in the world order. The 72nd Independence Day was celebrated by all the 3 sections .The programme¬† began with a guard of Honour, escorting the Principal, Vice Principal ,Primary Headmistress , Supervisor and the Chief Guest …