Children’s Day and Diwali Celebration-2018

On the 2nd of November there was a joint celebration of Children’s day and Diwali for the students of the primary section and the secondary section.The students came in their colourful clothes excited to enjoy the dual festivities on the last day of the first term.

The day’s programme was well planned by the teachers in charge of each section.It began with a prayer service asking God’s blessings on the children.Next was a beautiful song sung by the teachers, which was then followed by a dance performance by the teachers. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

There was a Diya Decoration Competition held for the students of Std I, Std II and Std V to Std VIII. The students of Std III ,Std IV and Std IX and Std X had a Rangoli Competition based on a theme.The students enthusiastically began the competition taking pain to decorate their diyas as artistically as possible. The Rangoli competition was held in the basement where the students worked on the given theme.The results were announced after the competitions. The Diyas that won the prizes were truly beautifully decorated. The children had made absolutely amazing Rangoli.

Before the children went home, they were given gifts.They went home happy and content after a day full of fun and joy.


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