Mrs. Gertrude’s Retirement -2018

Mrs.Gertrude D’Mello, the primary teacher teaching Hindi and Marathi retired after putting in 38 years of service. Students , past and present will vouch for Mrs. Gertrude’s expertise in her subjects as well as her ability to create interest¬† and love amongst students for the subjects.

A farewell programme was organised on the 4th of December 2018.Mrs. Gertrude lit the lamp at the beginning of the programme.A beautiful prayer service was held to pray for her retired life.Then the K.G, Primary , Secondary , and Office staff , put up various song and dance items.

Next was the felicitation programme.The Management and Staff presented her with floral bouquets , a  shawl and gifts to show their gratitude and appreciation. Sr. Anina and Sr. Angela spoke a few words appreciating the dedicated service put in by Mrs. Gertrude.She then thanked everyone in her farewell speech and invited the staff for lunch.The programme ended with a vote of thanks.

On the 7th of December , the primary students held a programme for Mrs. Gertrude.The programme began with a prayer service which was followed by a song and dance by the students of standard IV. The Head girl spoke on behalf of the students and thanked Mrs. Gertrude for her dedicated and sincere teaching.Mrs Gertrude then thanked the students for the prayer service and the entertainment programme.


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