Teacher’s Day – 2018

“The Best Teacher’s are those who show you where to look , but don’t tell you what to see”.

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on 5th of September. The staff of the 3 sections along with the office staff were invited by the students of std X for a day at the “ST. LOUIS MULTIPLEX “.Excited and well turned out staff were present at 9 am in the school auditorium.

The programme began with a prayer dance and prayers asking for God’s blessings on the entire staff. After this, there were awesome dance performances by the 3 sections as well as tributes to the teachers in songs. Indeed the teachers felt that the” ST. LOUIS MULTIPLEX ”  was definitely better than many of the multiplexes that they had patronised.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Miss Femida. The management presented each teacher with a beautiful memento of Mother Veronica in the form of a card wishing the teachers personally –A Happy Teacher’s Day.The teachers were then treated to a sumptuous snack box and a lovely gift.

It was truly a memorable day  at “ST.LOUIS MULTIPLEX”.

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